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My Approach

Change happens one shift at a time

The dragonfly is a fascinating creature. In many ways, it symbolizes the path to become who you truly are. Unlike the butterfly that undergoes one big metamorphosis, the dragonfly goes through many transformational events. In that way, it is like you and me. We undergo not one but many important transformations, eventually growing our wings and showing our true colors.

Some of our most important transformations are when we learn more about what is true and real for us. When we learn more about our unique purpose and our next step forward. In my sessions, I facilitate these kinds of shifts and insights. I bring people like you from confusion to clarity about who you are, what you are here to do and how you can take your next step in life.

Over multiple one-to-one sessions, I pick up cues from what you're telling me. Based on those cues, I ask you questions that guide you deeper into your own territory, uncovering parts of you that you hadn't seen before. Maybe you are a teacher, leader or visionary, but you never quite connected to that part of yourself before. Together we'll identify the archetypal patterns that best describe your identity, your shadow, and your purpose. 


In the first few sessions, the focus will be on your shadow patterns. We'll investigate what is holding you back from expressing yourself more fully, or from manifesting your purpose on a deeper level.

In later sessions, the focus will shift to mapping out your purpose, and your true identity.


What you'll get from me during each session, is my undivided attention, my unconditional acceptance of who you are, my depth of perception, and my sharp discernment. You'll be met with patience, sensitivity, and kindness.


Your uniqueness, your wholeness, and your purpose are sacred to me. I greatly value the courage and openness of anyone who is open to enter into this kind of work. 

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What are your patterns?

Archetypes are the patterns that describe your potential, as well as the ways in which you tend to sabotage yourself.

They are the best way I have found to understand who you are, and what your purpose is.

During my session with you, I'll help you figure out what your archetypes are. There's no need for you to have any experience with this kind of work at all.