About Me

Hi, I'm Peter

I'm a wayfinder, dedicated to helping you live the life you were born for.
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I love mentalists. They have amazing skills to influence your perception, making you see things that aren't true or real.

Now imagine somebody doing the opposite for you. Turning your perceptions around so you see through your own illusions. Helping you see what is true and real in your world. Giving you insights that are transformative, and connecting you to your unique purpose.

That's what I do.

Figuring out who I am has been demanding for me. Along the way, I have found ways that don't work, some that do work, and a few that work really well. I'm now applying my discoveries so that people like you can benefit from them. Practical. Reliable.

I'm great at listening between the lines. When you're talking to me, I pick up queues. I have a talent for translating my observations back to you in helpful ways. I translate these observations into easy-to-understand archetypes, enabling you to apply these insights in your daily life. This way, I can help you discover parts of yourself that you haven't connected to yet. Maybe you are a teacher, a leader or an empath, but it's half dormant in you. Discovering these lost parts of yourself can be essential for finding your unique purpose. 

I intuitively know which questions to ask. Questions that guide you deeper into the contents of your own mind, if you're open to it. This makes you see things about yourself that you hadn't realized before. 

One consistent feedback I've gotten from people, is that they feel safe with me, and that they trust my integrity. This creates a safe space that  to exploring your unknown territory.  

Find out more about my approach, or book a first session with me. Looking forward getting to know you... and for you to get to know you!